Reading The Way Of Kings (Stormlight Archive Book #1) Near-Instant Reactions

Waiting for (Winds of) Winter can get tiring, so I started looking at other book series to keep me busy. I feel dirty for “cheating” on GRRM, but I can’t wait forever :) So I started reading in parallel Sanderson’s “Stormlight Archive” and Rothfuss’s “Kingkiller Chronicles”, trying to decide which one to “pick up” first. I started Stormlight first, and now, about 45% in the book, it is officially a go! I reached the point of no return in the book, that point where you know you won’t, you can’t stop reading until you finish.

In order to slow me down a bit, I am starting this “near-instant reactions” blog post. “Near instant” because a lot of the reading is late at night, and I am not going to write instant reactions at 2am :) These will be mostly raw and unfiltered and unedited thoughts and opinions.

Everything I write below will be based on what I read so far, I won’t write after-the-fact, so there won’t be any future chapter spoilers from where I currently am (since I won’t know what happens next). To keep it as spoiler free as possible, the updates below are in chronological order. Each segment talks up to the point I read. I am reading the Kindle version, so page numbers and percentages are from that.

SPOILERS BELOW if you haven’t read anything yet from the Stormlight Archive books!

PROGRESS REPORT: Finished Book #1!

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List of Game of Thrones and aSoIaF Podcasts

This tracks the many podcasts for the Game Of Thrones TV show and the A Song Of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. R. R. R. Martin. This is being updated in April 2014. The updates are in-progress! For additions, corrections, updates and such, let me know on Twitter @iontrone

Unfortunately I cannot listen to every minute of every episode of every podcast, so there’s always a risk for spoilers of some kind. Some rules of thumb to minimize spoilers: 1) Podcasts with a spoiler policy upfront are less likely to leak spoilers, 2) Podcasts who have been around for a while are often more experienced dealing with spoilers and foreshadowing, 3) Podcasts with TV viewers only are less likely to spoil – unless they got spoiled themselves 4) If you read the previous books, you are more likely to discern minor spoilers and foreshadowing in podcasts since the books offer a lot more information not covered in the TV show.

Podcast Of Ice and FireiTunesTwitterStitcher – the longest running A Song of Ice and Fire podcast – covers things from the books perspective unless otherwise indicated. For Book Readers Only!

History Of WesterosiTunesTwitterFacebookTalk ShoeYouTube with Aziz and Ash and FriggenItalian (in earlier episodes) – covers the World Of Ice and Fire from an in-depth Historical Perspective, with each podcast focusing on an individual topic (families, regions, events, etc). Some episodes are spoiler-free, some are with spoilers but they are clearly marked with warnings.

Podcast WinterfelliTunesTwitterStitcherTalkShoe – podcast by former LOSTie podcaster Matt from @MusicalConcepts. Started for Season 2! Recurring guests include @DJTimmHines and @DonaldJr and @Klbardster and @Fittentrim (Bubba) and @Tracee2ez and @HeathActor and @WAxelFoley and @JohnMarius and @TSH_Matt and @gcswift2 and more. Clear spoiler warnings and buffer music are included when talking about the books and spoilers.

Cast of ThronesiTunesTwitterStitcher – ensemble podcast with all but one of the co-hosts having read the books. Regular podcasts do not have spoilers, and sometimes have fake spoilers which can mask and cover-up actual spoilers :) Spoilercast episodes include spoilers. Co-hosts: @JenniferCheek, @TimLanning, @RBristow, @ThriftyNerd and @MikeDao in earlier episodes.

Boars, Gore & SwordsiTunesLibsynTwitter – with real-life comedians co-hosts @Red_Scott and @Ivan_Hernandez with third chair Kelly Anneken. A new episode every week. Now part of the Boing Boing podcast network.

Game of OwnsiTunesTwitter – started with Season 2 with @selinawilken and @zackluye and @spielerman and @mjtbaum – now in co-operaton with who join as guests on some episodes but without spoilers (unless otherwise indicated). Multiple episodes every week.

Fat Pink CastiTunesTwitterFeedburner: all-female perspective with Jonelle, Marissa, Sade, all book readers. First five episodes have spoilers. The rest have spoilers at the end with a warning before the spoiler section. Quite possibly the best new podcast launched with the Season 3 wave.

Boiled Leather Audio HouriTunes – with Sean T. Collins and Stefan Sasse and special guests. Book Readers Only! This is a book-centric, so spoilers for TV viewers.

Vassals of KingsgraveTwitteriTunesRSS feedforum (registered users): this is a community podcast by members of the forums of the “A Podcast Of Ice and Fire” podcast. Covers the aSoIaF Books and many other topics as well. These are the #asoiaf-related podcasts. Spoilers for TV viewers! During the TV season, they have three (3!) different podcasts, the Krakencast (Asia/Oceania time zones), the Wolfcast (European time zones) and the Dragoncast (American time zones)

The Joffrey of Podcasts – iTunesPodomaticStitcher: singing the praises of the Great King Joffrey, the First of His Name with Bubba and Catfish

Close The Door And Come HereStitcherTwitter – a Tumblr community podcast with a focus on the Brienne x Jaime shipping – for aSoIaF book readers only (spoilers for TV viewers)

The Bjork BrothersiTunes – with @NateTheBjork and @LeviBjork and Natalie (I can’t find the Twitter) – quite possibly the first podcast launched for the TV show? All book readers but no spoilers unless otherwise indicated

Sistah SpeakiTunesTwitterUstream – with Sistah K and Sistah J started with Season 2, both co-hosts TV watchers, so no spoilers. With extended feedback segments.

Tyrion’s Landing – iTunesTwitterLibsyn – with co-hosts @Rachel1975 and @AsetIsis and Nikkie, all book readers. There is some foreshadowing.

Tuning into Scifi TViTunesTwitterGame of Thrones feed – posts a new podcast episode every two TV episodes, looks for over-arching themes and patterns with blend of TV watchers and book-readers, but no spoilers. Anchored by @WendyHembrock

A Pod of CastsiTunesFeedTwitter – started with Season 2 with @robert_o and Robin – interplay of one book reader (Roberto) and one TV watcher (Robin). No spoilers unless otherwise indicated.

Cast of KingsiTunesTwitter – started with Season 2 with Joanna and Dave Chensky of /Filmcast – interplay of book reader (Joanna) and TV watcher (Dave)

Lions, Dragons, Wolves (FosWar) – iTunesTwitter – covers Games of Thrones during the HBO season with co-hosts @Marissa and friends – spoiler leakage in some episodes

Watching the Iron ThroneiTunesTwitterStitcher – started with Season 2 with Vladz, TinPan and Andy

Beyond the Wall (SpecFic Media) – iTunesfeed – started in April 2011

A Sea of CrestsiTunes – do not remember their spoiler policy

The Narrow SeablubrryFeedTwitter – started with Season 2 – spoiler leakage in some episodes

Dark Wings, Dork WordsiTunesPodbeanTwitter – perhaps the cleverest podcast name. May have mild spoilers.

A Chat Of Ice and FireiTunesPodbean – started with Season 2

Demon Monkey PodcastFeed with @petebarta and @steveheikkinen and @Jay_Fischer – started with Season 2 episode “A Man Without Hodor”

Crow CastiTunes – short duration episodes started in June 2011 with @GeorgeWoW. I don’t remember their spoiler policy

After BuzziTunes – audio from their video podcast, started with Season 2, After Buzz style.

PODCASTS that started with GAME of THRONES SEASON #3 Wave
DVMPE’s Game OF Thrones PodcastiTunesTwitterFeed – part of the DVM Podcast Empire

Behind The Iron ThroneiTunesHipcastStitcherTwitterRSS feed – started with Season 3, part of Total Nerd Takeover, offering background and historical information along with episode by episode TV show discussion with @militant_marker and @ChrisJGray7 and @_Amoria_ and @nerdygurl22

A Game Of WhoiTunesFeed – a unique podcast in that it covers both Game Of Thrones and Doctor Who!

Westerosi WildfireTwitterFacebookLibsyn – started in season 3 with the “The Climb” episode

Tower of Babble PodcastiTunesTwitterStitcher – started with the “Kissed by Fire” episode

A Game Of GeeksiTunes – two authors discuss the show starting with Season 3

Stark Raven MadiTunesFacebookBlubrry – Philly based podcast

Midnight with Robert ShawiTunesTwitter – started right before Season 3 – drops spoilers without warning

A Flood Of TalkiTunesTwitter – started with TV Season 3

Clash Of WordsiTunes – started with TV season 3

A Storm Of WordsLibsynStitcher – started with TV season 3

Words are WindiTunesStitcherFeed – podcast by (not affiliated with HBO)

Bannermen PodcastTwitterPodbean – started in mid-May 2013

TV Talk Game Of Thrones podcast – started with Season 3

Gilded Eagle (Unspoiled Show) – paying subscribers only through Bandcamp, created by the Unspoiled Show team

Unspoiled (free edition)iTunes – in addition to the paid version, UnSpoiled Show also has a shorter free bonus podcast for each TV episode. Bonus podcast has different content from the Gilded Eagle, so you must needs listen to both

Fat Pink Cast – see links above

PODCASTS that started with GAME of THRONES SEASON #4 Wave
Close the Door And Come Here – see links above (under Podcasts Devoted To Individual Characters)

Beyond The NorthiTunesStitcher – by Film Dispenser with @flatEarthScott and @Tyrufus_McCoy – two unspoiled TV viewers offering serious, consistent and even-keeled analysis

Bald Move’s Game Of ThronesTwitterStitcher with A.Ron (read the books) and Jim. This is a new podcast by Bald Move. The Night’s Watch was retired.

Faceless Men CastiTunesStitcherTwitterFacebookGoogle+ – This is a new podcast by two unspoiled TV viewers, the other half of the The Night’s Watch podcast

NattercastPodcastsiTunesTwitterFacebook – started covering Season 2, going live with Season 4

A Storm Of SpoilersiTunesRSS – This is a spoiler podcast, book readers only, part of Fighting In The War Room (FitWR) – with @da7e and @jowrotethis and @rejects. iTunes/RSS is for all the FitWR podcasts

Talking WesterosiTunesStitcher – brand new in 2014 before S4 began

Ice, Fire, Dragons and WolvesiTunesStitcherRSS feed – brand new in 2014 before S4 began

Bald Guys On BooksiTunesPodbean – started in the summer of 2013 with a rewatch

Post Show RecapsiTunesYouTube Playlist – audio and video podcast with @roundhoward and @robcesternino, part of PostShowRecaps

A Game of Thrones podcast, Fire on Fire pciTunesRSS

Geek Nation’s Games Of Thrones Recap and Review – with Jenna Busch and Clare Kramer and Colin Ferguson – with a GIF recap

Game Of Thrones Recap podcast by Paschal Digital Media – iTunesFacebook

The Cast Beyond The WalliTunesRSSYouTubeFacebook

Big Imping Game Of Thrones podcast – Stitcher – two comedians talk Thrones

U got GoT: A Game of Thrones PodcastiTunes

Drunk Television WatchersiTunesStitcherTwitter

The Issues GuyStitcheriTunesYouTubeTwitter

Sand and SnowiTunesStitcherBlogTwitterFacebookYouTube – one TV viewer, one Book reader. Provides background information from the books, some of which may be considered spoilery for some TV viewers

Fire And Lunch PieCastSoundcloud – for aSoIaF book readers – spoilers for TV reviewers!

Lawyers Guns and Money (LG&M) – YouTubeTwitter – with SEK and Steven Attewell (of Race To The Iron Throne (podcast links) – Twitter) – RSS – mp3 download links at the bottom of each post at the LG&M blog

Radio WesterosiTunesTwitterTumblrFacebook – a podcast for aSoIaF book readers (spoilers for all TV viewers). As the name suggests, it has an actual radio show format. With Lady Gwynhyfvar and Yolkboy.

Fully Integrated GeeksiTunesTwitter – featuring Games of Thrones primer podcasts (Spring 2011)

Talking TV with Ryan and RyaniTunes – with @MoRyan and Ryan McGee – cover some episodes in their weekly podcasts

MMM CommentariesTwitter – DVD commentaries for the Game Of Thrones TV show

The Film List – iTunesTalkShoe – with co-hosts @HeathSolo, @WAxelFoley, @DonaldJr, and more. Some episodes discuss Game Of Thrones during the TV season – among many other topics

Game Of Thrones RPG podcast -FeedFacebook – recording their Game Of Thrones Role Playing Game (RPG) gameplay

Two Guys One ThroneiTunesTwitter – this is podcast for the Game of Thrones Living Cards Game (LCG). Yes, Game Of Thrones and A Song Of Ice and Fire have enough interest intensity that there is a podcast for the card game as well!

Unspoiled ShowiTunesTwitter – covered ALL FIVE books chapter by chapter with over 350 podcast episodes waiting for you. One host previously read the books, the other host is reading the books for the first time. CAUTION for TV viewers: if you haven’t read all the books, the chapter/POV names and descriptions in the pages contain spoilers.

Lazy Side Book ClubiTunesTwitterGoodreads – book club podcast for Book #1 for people who like to read slowly (aka lazy side!) – look for the GoT book between March and June 2011

Another Ice and Fire Cast – started podcasting Book #1 chapter by chapter

Podcast Winterfell – covered books #1 and #2 and #3 (see links above)

Cast Of Thrones – covered books #1 and #2 and #3 (see links above)

Boards, Gore and Swords – covered books #1 and #2 and #3 (see links above)

Game Of Owns – – covered books #1 (see links above)

A Podcast Of Ice and Fire – slow paced chapter by chapter book coverage – for book readers who read everything only! (see links above)

RETIRED PODCASTS (no new episodes)
George R. R. Martin’s own podcast – iTunes – eight episodes were posted in 2006 and the mini-podcast series concluded. CAUTION: This has spoilers for TV viewers! The podcast takes place after Book #4, “A Feast For Crows” came out, so it is far ahead of the Game Of Thrones Season 3 TV show!

Cripples, Bastards and Broken ThingsiTunesTwitter with Ken Lopez (read all the books) with recurring guests @Fittentrim (Bubba) and @DJTimmHines and @WinterfellPod and many more. Spoiler-free podcasts unless otherwise indicated. Started in October 2012. No new episodes since August 2013.

The Night’s Watch (Bald Move) – iTunesDigital PodcastTwitterStitcher interplay of one book-reader and one TV-watcher with A.Ron (read the books) and Mad Brew (TV show only). Spoiler section at the end of the episode – with warning and buffer music. This podcast ended but BaldMove started a new one.

Jay and Jack Game of Thrones – from the #LOST podcast duo – covered Season 2. For paying subscribers.

Beyond the WalliTunesFeedburner – with host @TheChrisPope – covered season 1.

History of Westeros (see links above)

Behind The Iron Throne (see links above)

Fully Integrated Geeks – mini-series of podcasts in the Spring 2011 (see links above)

Some people unfamiliar with A Song Of Ice Fire and Game Of Thrones think that only men are interested in this show. They are wrong! There are at least four podcasts that have an all-female cast, “Tyrion’s Landing” and “Sistah Speak” and “Fat Pink Cast” and “TV Talk”.

There is also at least one female co-host at “A Podcast of Ice and Fire” and “Cast Of Thrones” and “Game Of Owns” and “Cast of Kings” and “Westeros History” and “Lions, Dragons and Wolves” (Foswar) and “Vassals of Kingsgrave” and “Tuning Into Scifi” and “Ryan & Ryan” and “Watching the Iron Throne” and “Lazy Side Book Club” and “Unspoiled” and “After Buzz” and “Beyond the Wall” (Chris Pope) and “Beyond the Wall” (SpecFic Media) and “Stark Raven Mad” and “Sea Of Crests” and “A Flood Of Talk” and “Westerosi Wildfire” and “Words are Wind” and more!

There are also recurring female guests at “Bjork Brothers” and “Boars, Gore and Swords” and “Podcast Winterfell” and “Cripples Bastards & Broken Things” and more!

Detailed links for all the podcasts mentioned in this section are at the top of this post.

It is harder to avoid spoilers while watching a video, so for season 3, I stopped watching most of the video discussions and reviews. I will add video podcasts in this segment after I read all the books in the Summer of 2013. The following two video podcasts are the only ones I watch in Season #3 because they are unspoiled TV viewers, so a low(er) risk of spoilers

Anime Real Talk TV – the video is an automated computer animation, so you can listen to it as a podcast – both co-hosts are TV watchers – best when there are two co-hosts discussing it

Otaku Assemble Video Reviews (YouTube) – TwitterFacebook – world famous for the record-breaking “Baelor” initial reactions videocast

Thronecast (Sky Atlantic) – iTunesTwitter – post-game-show video on Sky Atlantic in the UK with @GeoffLloyd and Elio and Linda of – has a little too much foreshadowing for my liking, so I will watch Season 3 after I read all the books

Don’t forget to thank and support your favorite podcasters! Almost all the podcasts above are provided for free and DRM-free! You can thank your favorite podcasters for all the work they put it, leave them a nice review on iTunes or give them a like on Stitcher or Facebook, or tell your friends about it, or donate on their websites or support their Kickstarters or do your online shopping using their affiliate links (, HBO, and others).

Let me know here or on Twitter at @iontrone

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Reading The Winds of Winter after TV Season 3 [SPOILERS!!!]

This post covers the pre-release/sample/teaser chapters released from the upcoming “The Winds of Winter” Book #6 in the “A Song of Mire and Vice” series by George R. R. R. Martin. This follows up on the chapter write-ups for “A Storm Of Swords” (SPOILERS for TV viewers!) and the instant reactions chapter write-ups for combined megabook “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance With Dragons” (SPOILERS for TV viewers!).

This blog-post contains SPOILERS for TV viewers. If you haven’t read all five books, STOP READING NOW! This is the last warning! This is the last warning! This is the last warning!

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Reading Feast for Crows and Dance With Dragons as One Book (#FeastDance) after TV Season 3 [SPOILERS!!!]

Ideally I would have liked to create a detailed write-up of my first read of the combined “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons” as one mega-book, the #FeastDance, just like I did for “A Storm Of Swords” (SPOILERS for TV viewers!). Unfortunately due to time constraints and lack of patience, I can’t do a detailed write-up like that. So instead I will be writing random thoughts about random chapters and see where it goes.

This blog-post contains SPOILERS for TV viewers. If you haven’t read all five books, STOP READING NOW! This is the last warning! This is the last warning! This is the last warning!

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Reading A Storm Of Swords (after the Game Of Thrones Season 3) [SPOILERS!!!]

This is a new and exciting experiment. I will be blogging my reading of the “A Storm of Swords” book, the third book in the Song Of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. This experiment starts after the end of the HBO Game Of Thrones Season 3 TV series, in June 2013. I read the first two books multiple times in the past, and I stole a few reads of early chapters and pages from “A Storm of Swords”, trailing the TV show from behind during the TV year. But this is my first serious proper reading of the book!

This blog post will discuss everything in Book #3, “A Storm Of Swords” as I am reading it. I will be frequently cross-referencing events in the HBO TV series (up to the end of Season 3). If you haven’t read this book or watched the TV series, or if you are watching the TV series only, do not read below this section! “A Storm Of Swords” covers events in the HBO TV series Season 3 and 4 and maybe even beyond.

This will include initial reactions and opinions and theories and such. I will not be doing Chapter Recaps. You can find those at Tower Of The Hand (SPOILERS!!!) and (SPOILERS!!!).

Comments will be closed until I read all five books since there is no other way to prevent spoilers in the comments. Once I read all five books, then I will open the comments.

I am reading the books in e-book format and in parallel listening to the audiobooks. The first read of every chapter is typically the e-book. The second read is either the e-book or the audiobook.


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